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Financing availability regardless of your credit
score or past financial history! We want to
provide you with the car of your dreams.
Come by our lot and let our finance
team guide you through the
process or apply online

Buy Here Pay Here


When you know the benefits of Buy Here Pay Here financing, you may realize that Buy Here
Pay Here with AutoLuxGroup may be
your best option!

Credit Blips?


Don’t assume automatically because of some past
credit blips that you are not going to be able
to get financing. You might be surprised.The
subprime lending market has seen positive
signs of life in the first
half of 2015.

Google Review

“Great experience. My niece bought her first car and Stas was great. I would highly recommend buying a car here and we will definitely be back”

Proven Technology

We host a large inventory of vehicles from popular and proven manufactures. Customers have applauded us for our affordability and quality. Our cars come accident free, they are carefully selected and road tested for you

Winning Culture

Our family based company has advocated for the American Dream and hard work. These values provide AutoLux the will to make YOU succeed  with our reliable and affordable vehicles.

Top Performance

Superb top performing cars from around the world. Don’t hesitate in test driving one of these reliable vehicles. Our affordable prices, financing options
and great customer service make Autolux the car dealers to beat.


Auto Lux provides a wide and yet carefully selected inventory. It must be AFFORDABLE for any credit challenged hard working individual-yet RELIABLE. You will never see a vehicle with over 170k miles on our lot. Quality affordability and comfort is the objective. We’d rather see you succeed.

Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealers typically receive a bad rap. Many times accused of “preying on the poor” by providing in-house financing and over charging on interest rates. In addition selling older cars with high mileage that often require work soon after purchase.
How do we escape this image? Simple- WE DO THE HARD WORK. Read More

Online Credit Application

Don’t assume automatically because of some past credit blips that you are not going to be able to get financing

At AutoLux we’ll always help our clients apply for their own auto financing first, even if that means we lose out on potential interest.




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