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Learn about your credit scores.

Your credit score is a big factor in determining your interest rate and if you qualify for a loan. To help you understand more about your credit score, we researched Credit Karma to help us answer the below questions.

What is a credit score?

When you apply for a credit card, a loan, or even insurance, lenders check your credit score. This number is used to evaluate your creditworthiness. Your creditworthiness basically is an estimate of how likely you are to repay your financial commitments.

Why is it important?

Your credit score can impact everything from your ability to get a loan or a credit card, to rent an apartment, to get a mortgage or even auto insurance. Your credit score can also play a role in determining your interest rates. The commonly used FICO credit score ranges from 350 (very unlikely to repay) to 850 (very likely to repay). Often a 720 or higher [...]

Toyota tops in retained value, awards show

Among all segments and nameplates, the Toyota Tacoma pickup had the highest average retained value after five years at 64.5 percent.

Toyota Motor Corp. came out on top in’s annual Best Retained Value Awards, nabbing a brand-level award and four model-level awards.

The awards recognize brands and nameplates that have the highest projected residual values after five years compared to their average transaction prices when sold new.

Toyota won the nonluxury division with a projected 52.4 percent residual value after five years. The 2015 models of the Tacoma, Avalon, Tundra and Highlander were among the award winners in 24 segments.

Among all segments and nameplates, the Tacoma pickup had the highest average retained value after five years at 64.5 percent. Second to the Tacoma was the 2015 Jeep Wrangler with 62.4 percent.

“Smart car shoppers who are likely to sell their car within five years should always stop and consider projected residual values before making a new car purchase,” Consumer Advice Editor Carroll Lachnit said in a statement. “Whether you are leasing or buying, [...]

img-2Global sales of BMW Group’s core brand rose faster in June than at Audi and Mercedes-Benz as demand from China and the United States helped the premium carmaker to extend a lead over the two rivals in the first six months of the year.

Sales at the brand were up 9 percent last month to 153,075, the group said today, compared with growth of 5 percent to 140,300 and 8 percent to 131,609 at Audi and Mercedes respectively.

Six-month sales at BMW brand rose 8 percent to 804,000 cars, expanding the lead over runner-up Audi to 24,000 from 11,000 after five months. Half-year sales at Audi and Mercedes rose 6 percent each to 780,500 and 694,000 respectively.

“BMW has stronger momentum than Audi and Mercedes, that won’t change in the second half,” said Hanover-based NordLB analyst Frank [...]

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